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SP3 Technology

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WHAT IS SP3 ? Raw Material is Ceramic,surface coated with
two-layer Glass ion (Negative-ions)
  It selects Temporary Hardness and breaks it into non-scale minerals
The technology used is 'Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC)'.

HOW SP3 WORKS Less than 3 seconds!

The surface negative Glass-ion, SiO2=, attract positive Ca+2 and breaks Ca(HCO3)2 to split forms, And Ca+2 and CO3= will form CaCO3 minerals ...........

The reaction of Attraction, Minerals Formation & Release takes less than 3 seconds !

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Both Precipitation and Crystallization are based on the speed of the process and the amount of the media in a pressure vessel.
More media makes more crystals, also the size of the CaC03 solid particle produced related to the amount of SP3 media.Precipitation process usually begin at higher surface area and the second most important factor is smooth surface of LDC area.

Very important is rapid nucleation and growth of CaC03 crystals. High surface without Glass coating is a result of aging which creates larger particles of CaC03 crystals as they appear in dishwashers, showerheads and any other surfaces which comes in contact of the treated water (e.g. competition products, acclaimed TAC media).

We hope this description has provided some very valuable information for better understanding of Aragonite crystal growth and Nucleation and bio mineralization.
Crystal growth observed on smooth glass surface
Image courtesy: University of Warwick, UK, Dept. Chemistry