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Q&A ON SPECIAL FILTER Your Questions. Our Answers.

What are the benefits of SPECIAL filter?

  • It transforms hardness in water into healthy minerals of Calcium and Magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are good for bones and cardiovascular health respectively. So you are not only drinking clean water, but healthy water too.
  • It remove pesticides and pharmaceuticals, which may not be detected in Singapore water.
  • It removes E-coli and Coliform bacteria. With Nano filter media and SP3, the filtration function is able to filter down to 1 micron.
  • It can remove chlorine and heavy metal.
  • It has the highest capacity of filtration life span in the market. Model SP520 for 25000 litres, for a year.
  • No electricity is required.
  • The water pH will be adjusted automatically to 7.2 to 7.5 pH range, which is a healthy pH range for our body system.
  • No rejected water, unlike Reverse Osmosis or Softener drinking system.
  • Hardness in water when mixed with soap (sodium stearate and sodium palmitate) produces scum which remains on our skin, clothing, dishes, etc. Scum can cause skin irritation. With SPECIAL Filter, we will not have this problem.

How is it as compared with the rest of the brands that are already in the market?

  • Watch Water SPECIAL Filter is a Revolutionary All-in-One filter developed in Germany after much research and development.
  • It is superior than any simple carbon type filters which only removes poor taste and smell.
  • It is superior to Ion Exchange resin system, because Ion-Exchange removes all good minerals and adds sodium (bad for our cardiovascular health) and hydrogen ions to the water, which gives the water low pH.
  • SPECIAL filter is the only filter that can convert water hardness into "Natural Minerals" which no other filters can achieve.

Singapore's tap water is already so clean so why do I need to install a filter?

  • Singapore PUB Average Water Quality still contains 57 ppm of hardness (please see their PUB website).
  • Clean Water does not mean "Healthy Water". Points listed below for your consideration:
  1. SPECIAL Filter is still able to convert this 57 ppm of hardness into healthy "Natural Mineral" of Ca and Mg, which can improve our osteoporosis and cardiovascular health. It is actually nutrients for our body system.
  1. PUB water contains Chlorine, a toxic element, which was used in War World II. Please log on to Wikepedia to understand thoroughly on the side effects of chlorine.
  1. Water filtered by SPECIAL Filter do not leave soap scum like other filters. When scum is washed off thoroughly from our clothes, it will not cause skin irritation, especially for those with skin problems, like eczema.
  1. PUB water average quality shown pH is 8.1 , it is slightly higher than our body required 7.2 - 7.5

Singapore's tap water is not hard and the sodium content is within the standard limit so why do I need to install a filter?

Singapore PUB Average Water Quality still contains 57 ppm of Hardness (please refer to PUB website).   When you install this very unique Special Filter, "hardness" in your drinking water can be converted into healthy "Natural Mineral" and it reduces all the problems mentioned above.
The technical explanation to it :
  • Water + Special Filter = Mineral + H2O + CO2 (aq)
  • Which means the “Natural Water” with the dissolved CO2.
  • In the natural water, Mineral always dissolved in the CO2.
  • So after the water has passed through the Special Filter and the Hardness converted into “Natural Mineral”, the natural water still holds the dissolved CO2(aq) [(aq means aqueous]. Because of the strong permeability, this CO2(aq) can improve our skin to look more beautiful and radiant.

Does this filter alter the pH level of water?

This Special Filter will automatically adjust the water pH to the range of 7.2 - 7.5. This is an ideal pH range for our human body.

What is the pH level of water filtered by SPECIAL filter?

Water pH is in the range of 7.2 - 7.5

How long can the filter be used before replacement of filter cartridge is required? How do I tell if I need to change the filter?

SP520 (capacity is 25,000 liters) it will lasts a year.

By using the simple Chemical Soap Test Kit to measure the “hardness” existing in the water and gauge when to change the filter.

What is the cost for replacement of the filter cartridge?

Replacement cost is $500 for model 520.


Any warranty provided for the filter?

Yes. 1 year warranty.

Will there be a water pressure drop after passing through the filter?

Pressure drop is not significant.

Is there any maintenance required for the filter?

There is no maintenance required.

Do you all any certification or award to prove this product?


SPECIAL Filter has been awarded Food Grade NSF from USA, ANSI 61 Certification, UK, WQA and WRAS.

Is SPECIAL filter using the same (RO or membrane filtration) system as with the other brands?

No, it is not activated carbon filter.

SPECIAL Filter uses Ceramic Polymer with Double Layer Glass-ion coating . This will speed up the conversion of the water hardness into Mineral (80% in Aragonite and 20% in Calcite form) at a very fast speed of within 3 seconds.

While goggling for more information on your product, I read that there are other SPECIAL filters (SPECIAL 110,120 and UF) with lower micron rating.
Are those available in Singapore? If not, why?

Special Filter SP110 or SP120, means the filtration system can filter up to 1 micron without installing any filtration system.

Singapore tap water is basically quite clean, so there is no need to filter to below 1 micron.
Q&A ON FILTER INSTALLATION Your Questions. Our Answers.

Must the filter be installed upright or can it be installed flat on its side?

It can only be installed upright.

At which stage of the house’s piping system can the filter be installed? At the main or just before the tap?

It can be installed at “Point of entry” or just under the tap water cabinet.

Is there a need to close the main water switch for replacement of the filter cartridge?

That is not required. Replacement can be done in a very simple way of unscrewing of the filter head to replace. It is so simple that even a child can replace it.

Can I install the filter myself and will the cost be lower if I do so?

Basically, you can install by your own according to our installation manual. Singapore manpower is quite expensive, you can save the man power fee.

Can it be used together with the filter that I already have at home?

Of course you can. But if your existing system is RO (Reverse Osmosis) system which removes all the minerals, and not the softener system, then we do not recommend that.